Frequently Asked Questions:

- When does OFS setup new carriers?

Because of the effort involved we only setup new carriers who are booked on a load for us.
Check out our View open loads page to find a load to haul for us.

- Does OFS provide comchecks or advances?

We do not provide comchecks or advances but we do offer quickpay to get you paid as fast as possible.

- What are your payment terms?

Our standard policy is to mail payment within 30 days of receiving your invoice.
Please see our quickpay program for faster payment.

- How does the Quick Pay program work?

If you would like to get paid faster than our standard terms, OFS will expedite your payment for a small fee. Once we have proof of delivery and receive your invoice we will issue you a check within 2 business days. The fee is based on the age of your invoice, the closer it is to the due date the lower the fee:

  • Invoice Age 0 - 5 Days 5% fee
  • Invoice Age 6 - 10 Days 4% fee
  • Invoice Age 11 - 15 Days 3% fee
  • Invoice Age 16 - 30 Days 2% fee

Quickpay checks are sent by standard mail but can be overnighted for an additional $39 charge. Requesting QuickPay is simple and can be done in several ways:

  1. Mark the QuickPay box on your rate confirmation and fax it to us
  2. Select the QuickPay option when viewing payment status on the Carrier Portal
  3. Call our accounting department at (800) 284-2603