Broker / Agents

OFS has exciting opportunities for experienced broker / agents. Whether you are a small independent agent or a large multi-agent office OFS has the tools, services, and resources to fit your needs. With Echo Logistics as our parent you will enjoy the resources of a large company with the benefits and personal attention the "right-size" OFS organization has to offer. If you have active customers and a minimum of six months experience brokering freight we would like to talk with you.

Read on for more information about our program or contact an OFS representative at
1-800-284-2603 ext: 504.

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Plan Highlights

Make More Money

  • Top Commission Pay
    (talk to an OFS representative at 1-800-284-2603 ext: 504 for more information about our commission plans)
  • No hidden fees (we won't nickel and dime you)
  • No limits on how much you can make
  • No charge backs
  • No hold backs
  • Paid on invoiced loads
  • Fast payment with direct deposit

Have More Freedom

  • Work from home or run your own office
  • We provide all the tools and services you need to be successful
  • Take time off, we have friendly talented support staff to back you up
  • No contracts locking you to length of service
  • No non-compete clause - your customers are yours!

Move More Freight

  • State of the art computer system accessed via the internet
  • Powerful easy to use software
  • Fast customer credit approval (no credit apps for your customers to fill out)
  • Fast carrier setups (most are done within minutes)
  • Database with over 50,000 carriers
  • One click posting to over 50 posting sites including DAT, Truckstop, and Getloaded
  • Emailed notifications when trucks become available
  • Carriers paid fast, we have an excellent credit report
  • EDI offered to customers and carriers
  • Leverage our great reputation to get more customers and carriers

Build Your Own Business

  • We handle the headaches of billing, collections, & pay carriers
  • Concentrate on what you do best, move freight!
  • Our tools and software make it easy for you to manage your own employees or agents

Broker/Agent Plan Details

Top Commission Pay

With OFS you will receive outstanding commission pay which is on the upper end of the scale in the freight industry. We are very upfront about how you get paid, no hidden file fees or other charges that can nickel and dime you and reduce your pay significantly. Commissions are paid weekly and with our exclusive TMSPro Dashboard you are able to view and track your pay at any time. Please talk to one of our recruiters for more information about our program and about the special perks we offer for large volume agents.

Agent Friendly Contract

Some companies have contracts that benefit them not the agents; some even have clauses that restrict you from working with your own customers if you leave. OFS is not that type of company! We will never lock you into a contract that contains a non-compete or exclusivity agreement. We believe your happiness with our pay, services, and staff will build a strong loyalty between us. Our philosophy is simple, treat our agents well and everyone will be successful.

Smooth Customer Transitions

We have setup many customers for agents who have joined OFS and are experts at making the transition process go smoothly. We have structured procedures and staff dedicated to work with you and your customers to take care of credit, insurance certificates, paperwork and contracts (if required), as well as EDI. Typically customers can be setup in minutes and we will help you and your customer feel at ease and happy about the move to OFS.

Industry-leading TMSPro software

When it came time to replace our transportation management software, we led an extensive search of available packages. When we were not able to find one that lived up to our standards we decided to develop our own. We are very proud to offer you our software called TMSPro. Some of the features include:

  • Simple, easy to use screens
  • Access via the internet
  • Dashboard shows your book of business and commissions at a glance
  • Database of over 40,000 carriers
  • Automated notifications to the home office for customer setups, carrier setups, billing, etc. You are able to see the status at any time and are notified when tasks are completed.
  • Paperless system. You have access to all documents electronically.
  • Built-in rating capability from real-time data
  • QuickPost feature allows you to manage and post hundreds of loads with ease.
  • Automated carrier insurance and DOT authority verification. No more waiting for information to be updated on existing carriers.
  • One-click posting feature keeps your loads up to date and in front of thousands of carriers on DAT, TruckStop, Getloaded, and all major posting websites.
  • TruckMatch allows you to search for trucks from all the major posting sites with one click. Also notifies you by email when a truck is posted that matches your load.
  • Integrated with PC Miller for instant mileage calculations
  • Integrated incoming and outgoing faxing
  • Integrated Mapping
  • Charts, Graphs, and Reports that you can run any time showing your current and historical load and customer information.
  • EDI
  • and many more features…

Other Tools & Services

Phone/voice mail system

  • 800 number means toll free incoming calls for your customers and carriers
  • Voice mail boxes for you and your staff
  • Call log showing caller ID name and number, accessed through TMSPro
  • If you are away from your phone your callers can always reach our staff for immediate help

Office Support

  • Training
  • We handle credit checks (simple fast process, no credit application to fill out)
  • We handle carrier setups (most within minutes)
  • We are here to back you up when you need to be away from your desk

Other Software

  • PCMiller
  • Internet Truckstop
  • DAT
  • GetLoaded

We also Provide

  • Financial stability and a great credit rating
  • Quickpay to carriers, with options
  • Business Cards

Other Benefits

  • Exclusivity with us is not required
  • No non-compete contract -
    your customers are yours!
  • No length of service contract
  • No chargebacks or holdbacks
  • We won't "nickel and dime" you

Email and calendar system using Microsoft Outlook

  • Email boxes for you and your staff

Support Staff

Here when you need us

At OFS, we are very focused on providing you with the resources you need to be successful. It stands to reason that if you are successful we will be successful too. One of the ways we do this is by having a friendly, talented, and trained support staff to back you up. Do you need to see a customer but can’t get away from the phone? Are you burned out and need a vacation? Our support staff is more than capable to take care of your customers and carriers if you need to be away from your phone. The bottom line is that we are here when you need us and will provide you with the level of support you need to accomplish your goals and succeed.

Office Support

  • Receptionist to answer and route phone calls to the correct people.
  • Support staff to take care of your customers and freight while you are on vacation or out of the office.
  • Dedicated people to set up carriers so you don’t have to hassle with it.
  • Billing and collection departments so you do not need to spend your time with these tedious jobs.
  • Computer system training and support if you have questions.

Management Support

  • Help you work with your customers to resolve issues regarding damage, delivery, billing, etc.
  • Work with carriers to resolve issues regarding damage, delivery, payment, etc.
  • Growth, planning, and innovation – we are constantly planning and actively looking for ways to improve our organization and help our people move more freight with less effort.
  • Open-door policy, if you ever have a question, we are here to help.

Top 10 reasons to hitch your trailer to OFS

10. Financial Stability and Continued Growth, we have a great credit rating.

09. We invoice customers, handle collections, and pay all carriers – Quick pay, too.

08. Our TMSPro software and commitment to providing the best technology.
       Ask us how our system can help you earn more money.

07. No exclusivity clause – you are free to work with other companies

06. No Non-Compete Contract – your customers are yours.

05. Work from the comfort of your own home or office space. No office politics.

04. We do the Carrier Setups – freeing you up to move more of your freight.

03. Over 40,000 carriers in our database to help you move your loads.

02. Hassle free top commission pay with no extra charges or hidden fees

01. The following Unsolicited Quotes from some of our agents:

"I am thankful everyday for switching companies. It was the best choice I could have made. Thanks for finding me, Jean!"

Carrie in OR

"I have to say it is a pleasure to work with such a good crew. I have found more people here want to help when you need them and it is refreshing. My only complaint is Keith was not here in 1986 and I could have avoided some much unwanted stress."

Brim in TX

"I have totally enjoyed my time with Online and am looking forward to the future!"

Felicia in AL

"I should have started to work with Online 2 years ago."

Elliot in GA

"You all provide an awesome vehicle/opportunity for people like me to keep a healthy balance on life between family and work. I see very clearly how my children have benefitted from my constant presence during the past year. I could go on and on…"

Stephan in TX

"I’m just so happy working here as much now as when I started 6 ½ years ago. Doesn’t seem like it has been that long!"

Amy in SC

"These “little things” that you do have more of an impact than you may realize. At least by this agency, and by me. With over 40 years in this business, they are noticed."

Larry in IN

What you need to get started

Qualifications to join our team

-   Must have an active customer following
        (we do not provide customers).

-   Experience in brokering freight
        (minimum of 6 months).

People working from a satellite office are responsible for the following:

-  Windows compatible computer

-  Office supplies

-  Printer

-  Internet connection

Call us at 1-800-284-2603 ext: 504.

You can also:

    apply online     request additional information