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Welcome to the Browse Open Loads Page. Feel free to browse any of our open loads. If interested in any of these loads, please call us @ 800-284-2603.

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Load IDEquip TypeP.U. CityP.U. StateDest CityDest StateP.U. DateDeliv DateCommentsExtensionPriceEmail Broker
QP1102497R BakersfieldCACasa GrandeAZ07/12/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102497R BakersfieldCACasa GrandeAZ07/13/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102497R BakersfieldCACasa GrandeAZ07/14/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102497R BakersfieldCACasa GrandeAZ07/15/20  Truckload 6965 
1062143SDEscondidoCAPhoenixAZ07/09/20  Part, 28ft Need loading ramps.6725 
1062143SDEscondidoCAPhoenixAZ07/10/20  Part, 28ft Need loading ramps.6725 
1064238SDEscondidoCAPhoenixAZ07/09/20  Part, 28ft Need loading ramps.6725 
1064238SDEscondidoCAPhoenixAZ07/10/20  Part, 28ft Need loading ramps.6725 
QP1102641V PowayCAPhoenixAZ07/09/20  Truckload Text MC# and rate to 619-633-8977.6756 
QP1102496R BakersfieldCALos AngelesCA07/12/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102496R BakersfieldCALos AngelesCA07/13/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102496R BakersfieldCALos AngelesCA07/14/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102496R BakersfieldCALos AngelesCA07/15/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102566SDMenifeeCALincolnCA07/09/20  Part, 11ft RAMPS REQUIRED ON STEPDECK / SMALL RIDE ON SWEEPER/ 10ft 9 X 6ft 2 X 5ft 6 / CALL TO BOOK6780$550
QP1102566SDMenifeeCALincolnCA07/10/20  Part, 11ft RAMPS REQUIRED ON STEPDECK / SMALL RIDE ON SWEEPER/ 10ft 9 X 6ft 2 X 5ft 6 / CALL TO BOOK6780$550
QP1100036FDAndersonCADenverCO07/09/20  Truckload 6961 
QP1100036FDAndersonCADenverCO07/10/20  Truckload 6961 
QP1096891V SylmarCALexingtonKY07/09/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$3000
QP1096891V SylmarCALexingtonKY07/10/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$3000
QP1102368FVHuronCAEverettMA07/09/20  Truckload can load FB/w tarps,conestoga, insulated vented van /w produce vents--Del Mon 11:30pm6305$5000
QP1102731R EdisonCASacramentoPA07/09/20  Truckload Deliver 7/136305$5500
QP1102731R EdisonCASacramentoPA07/10/20  Truckload Deliver 7/136305$5500
QP1102498R BakersfieldCADallasTX07/12/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102498R BakersfieldCADallasTX07/13/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102498R BakersfieldCADallasTX07/14/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1102498R BakersfieldCADallasTX07/15/20  Truckload 6965 
QP1091089V San BernardinoCAHoustonTX07/09/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$2200
QP1091089V San BernardinoCAHoustonTX07/10/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$2200
QP1091088V SylmarCAHoustonTX07/09/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$2200
QP1091088V SylmarCAHoustonTX07/10/20  Truckload fsanders@onlinefreight.com6364$2200
1060613VRLivermoreCAClearfieldUT07/09/20  Truckload 6722$1750
1060613VRLivermoreCAClearfieldUT07/10/20  Truckload 6722$1750
1062739VRWoodlandCAClearfieldUT07/09/20  Truckload 6722$1650
1062059V AnaheimCASpokaneWA07/09/20  Truckload 6783$3400
QP1102584SDPerrisCAFederal WayWA07/09/20  Part, 21ft 6752 
QP1102584SDPerrisCAFederal WayWA07/10/20  Part, 21ft 6752 

Total Loads:   36