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Welcome to the Browse Open Loads Page. Feel free to browse any of our open loads. If interested in any of these loads, please call us @ 800-284-2603.

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Load IDEquip TypeP.U. CityP.U. StateDest CityDest StateP.U. DateDeliv DateCommentsExtensionPriceEmail Broker
QP1042628FDUlyssesKSSan CarlosAZ12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042629F UlyssesKSSan CarlosAZ12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042630FTUlyssesKSSan CarlosAZ12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
978994VRLeavenworthKSKimperKY12/06/19  Truckload 6776 
978994VRLeavenworthKSKimperKY12/07/19  Truckload 6776 
980222F HeringtonKSOmahaNE12/06/19  Truckload deliver Saturday6881$600
980152V ManhattanKSPiscatawayNJ12/06/19  Part, 6000ft Auction Equipment, ~6000# and 20 linear feet, delivery Monday6784 
QP995401FTUlyssesKSBrackettvilleTX12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042626F UlyssesKSBrackettvilleTX12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042627FDUlyssesKSBrackettvilleTX12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042631F UlyssesKSSan JuanTX12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
QP1042632FTUlyssesKSSan JuanTX12/06/19  Truckload 6827 
980147V ManhattanKSMilwaukeeWI12/06/19  Part, 1500ft 12ft Baking Table, ~1500#, delivery Monday6784 

Total Loads:   13