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Welcome to the Browse Open Loads Page. Feel free to browse any of our open loads. If interested in any of these loads, please call us @ 800-284-2603.

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Load IDEquip TypeP.U. CityP.U. StateDest CityDest StateP.U. DateDeliv DateCommentsExtensionPriceEmail Broker
QP553373FDAckermanMSLittlevilleAL12/13/18  Truckload 6934 
QP549234FDBruceMSSheffieldAL12/13/18  Truckload 6934 
QP956275FTMeridianMSHaleyvilleAL12/13/18  Truckload 6760 
QP956275FTMeridianMSHaleyvilleAL12/14/18  Truckload 6760 
QP956275FTMeridianMSHaleyvilleAL12/17/18  Truckload 6760 
QP956331FDMeridianMSLafayetteAL12/13/18  Truckload 6 or 8 ft TARP LOAD Lumber material6828$760
QP956331FDMeridianMSLafayetteAL12/14/18  Truckload 6 or 8 ft TARP LOAD Lumber material6828$760
QP549233FDPhiladelphiaMSSheffieldAL12/13/18  Truckload 6934 
QP844076FDPhiladelphiaMSMuscle ShoalsAL12/13/18  Truckload no tarp lumber 6732$500
QP844076FDPhiladelphiaMSMuscle ShoalsAL12/14/18  Truckload no tarp lumber 6732$500
QP956133FTPhiladelphiaMSMuscle ShoalsAL12/13/18  Truckload 6847 
QP956276FTPurvisMSElkhartIN12/13/18  Truckload 6760$0
QP956276FTPurvisMSElkhartIN12/14/18  Truckload 6760$0
QP956276FTPurvisMSElkhartIN12/17/18  Truckload 6760$0
QP956333F TaylorsvilleMSFt RipleyMN12/13/18  Truckload No Tarp Load Lumber6828$1525
QP956333F TaylorsvilleMSFt RipleyMN12/14/18  Truckload No Tarp Load Lumber6828$1525
QP956397F Bay SpringsMSPlattsburgMO12/13/18  Truckload tarped lumber 6732$1450
QP956397F Bay SpringsMSPlattsburgMO12/14/18  Truckload tarped lumber 6732$1450
QP857554V BeaumontMSNettletonMS12/17/18  Truckload VAN only with swing doors Lumber Materials6828$425
QP833988V WigginsMSNettletonMS12/17/18  Truckload VAN only with swing doors Loads by 4 PM delivery MF 6828$425
QP946912FTWigginsMSTaylorsvilleNC12/14/18  Truckload FULL Tarp Load Lumber Material6828$1125
QP947356FTShuqualakMSAllendaleSC12/13/18  Truckload Hot Load Please Help6903 
QP947356FTShuqualakMSAllendaleSC12/14/18  Truckload Hot Load Please Help6903 
QP952549FTBrookhavenMSSugar LandTX12/13/18  Truckload 6ft tarps6760$0
QP952549FTBrookhavenMSSugar LandTX12/14/18  Truckload 6ft tarps6760$0
QP952549FTBrookhavenMSSugar LandTX12/17/18  Truckload 6ft tarps6760$0
QP956328FDGrenadaMSHoustonTX12/13/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1125
QP956328FDGrenadaMSHoustonTX12/14/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1125
QP956329FDGrenadaMSSugar LandTX12/13/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1125
QP956329FDGrenadaMSSugar LandTX12/14/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1125
QP956332FDNewtonMSCorpus ChristiTX12/13/18  Truckload Tarp load Lumber material6828$1260
QP956332FDNewtonMSCorpus ChristiTX12/14/18  Truckload Tarp load Lumber material6828$1260
QP956448FDSilver CreekMSWeatherfordTX12/13/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1075
QP956448FDSilver CreekMSWeatherfordTX12/14/18  Truckload Tarp Load Lumber material6828$1075
QP952780FDWeirMSPecosTX12/13/18  Truckload NO TARP LUMBER No Conestoga 6828$2000
QP952780FDWeirMSPecosTX12/14/18  Truckload NO TARP LUMBER No Conestoga 6828$2000

Total Loads:   36